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For doing the interacting journalism right, Vox Pop is an essential tool. Many YouTubers have their content revolving around this concept. Luckily, they’ve highly benefited from these videos as the audience appreciates the authenticity they bring. Hence, More Engagement! Want to dig into more about Vox Pop?

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What is Vox Pop?

Derived from the Latin words, “Vox Populi”, meaning ‘Voice of the People’, Vox Pop became a social media jazzy jargon.

By capturing the raw opinions of people on the street, creating user-generated content has become a fad of the digital world.

Why Vox Pop is a game-changer?

When it comes to social media, you need the attention streaming in from every direction. However, an empty comment section is a failure for your video campaigns.

If you’re looking to boost the engagement metrics on your social handles, then here’s why you need to add Vox Pop videos:

1. Small Production Budget

Boot-strapping your start-up or vlogging channel? Have a budget cap from the client’s side? Can’t afford a production house? Vox Pop is what you need!

You barely need a professional team. Or Professional Gears. Or Professional Skills. All you need is a strong storyline, people to vouch for you and in-house video editor to create the collab of interviews.

2. Set the tone for Brand Communication

Send your teams on the ground to review what your audience has to say about you. If you run a B2C brand, you can simply scale your outreach through Vox Pop Interviews of the general public. But if you’re a B2B brand, it is better to do your research before you hit for interviews. Communicate your intention to some of your existing clients, take their appointment, and shoot the interview as scheduled.

Wondering, how this is related to brand communication?

This allows you to spread the word about your brand and its services. If required, you can in-person clarify conflicts and negative feedbacks. Also, it’s a free promotion as you get to educate people about your company.

Imagine a Scenario:

You’re running an errand or having an evening stroll in a park, and you happen to be stopped for an interview. You’re asked a fun and quirky set of questions about the toothpaste that you use. At the end of the session, you receive a free toothpaste sample along with how it is different from every other product in the market.

Will this unusual moment be forgotten any sooner? As a consumer, your next action would be talking about it for a few days to people in your circle. Also, you’d share the video on your handles which gives free marketing to the brand.

Such video campaigns spread word-of-mouth about your brand.

3. Touch the Relevant Discussion Topics

Do you think you need people’s opinion on something ‘in-trend’ or ‘considered controversial’?

Lead the conversation.

If you dream of 500K+ Reactions, 5K+ Comments, and 500+ Shares then understand the pillars of creating viral content. The audience connects with human interactions, unaltered opinions, and realistic interviews on the concerning issues.

We know you want such results on your video campaigns too. That’s why you need our video marketing services. Meanwhile, read further for handpicked tips.

4. Score high on #Relatable factor

Do you know #Relatable has 11M+ Instagram posts? The youth will put blaze into something that resonates with them.

Strategize your Vox Pop Interviews such that youth roars with replies. If you want to show their enthusiasm and emotional connect then don’t shy away from getting ‘real’.

How to produce a successful Vox Pop?

You need to nail down the technicalities of self-producing a video. To summarize the process, check out Kai Creative video.

To nourish Vox further, here are some suggestions:

1. Arrange your gears

When you are self-producing Vox Pop, you need to arrange for the right gears.

A Camera, a Microphone, and a set of Quirky Questions.

Essentially, you’re good to go with these three things in order. However, arrange for a tripod rather than headgear to avoid blurred out or hazy shoot. Anything beyond this will be a luxury and improve the quality of your video.

2. Plan, Define & Stay Consistent

Going without a plan is a big No-No! To drive a conversation according to your goal, you need to write down the set of questions. Keep the Qs same for everyone as it’ll be super easy to compile these interviews later.

Also, as a whole product, you will be able to form a story consistency.

3. The location needs to be picked, mindfully.

You must do primary research before pinning down the location. Learn the demographics of your audience so that you don’t end up with confused people on your video. (Worst case scenario, no interviewee at all).

Use Facebook Insights to filter out the right places for running your campaign.

4. Getting People On-Board

Finding participation is a task. The first few tries might return with ignorant Nos and annoyed stares but stay patient. Do mock interviews with your teammates. Get the crowd interested by enacting an interview.

If it is your first Vox Pop, give yourself some warm-up time. More tips?

  • Send out social media shout out for people to appear
  • Warm-up with people on a friendly note
  • Don’t take your interviewees by surprise with your questions unless intended to
  • Allow participants to take a retake on their insistence
  • Hire an influencer to conduct your Vox Pop
  • Arrange for professional rigs to make it more authentic and people excited about the shoot
  • Create a pitch; this has to be your introduction and answer- why you’re doing this? When it will be published?

5. Quantify Your Interviews

More is great!

You can always skim down the number of interviews you want to add in your final video. But you don’t want to end up with raw content that has uneditable issues. The suggestion is to get more data and trim down the content according to your requirement.

Are you pumped up to plan your next video campaign?

It’s absolutely flattering to get people on board for promoting your brand. Vox Pop gives you the authority to produce content that will advocate your cause for years to come. Hence, it is extremely crucial to utilize this opportunity with zeal and perfection.

We, as storytellers, love to create campaigns like these. Let us know how we can help you with our social media marketing services.



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