Being a scaleur means being an entrepreneur who also has the perspicacity, confidence, and dedication to scale their business. The scaleurs think differently about their own business: they don’t merely want to expand by working proportionally harder. Instead, they look for smart processes that allow for a huge bump in productivity and profit with a comparatively smaller uptick in labor and resource expenditures.

We can divide these scaleurs into two groups, the ones with a fixed mindset vs. the growth mindset.

Focusing on the growth mindset entrepreneurs, they see the bigger picture of the journey, are more resilient, and have a better chance for a long-term success. Here are a few ways to emulate this mindset:

1. Give up control and delegate

It’s understandable to maintain a tight grip on everything in the beginning stages. Most of the work is done by you, your co-founder, and maybe another team member. Processes are not documented, so you’re used to overseeing everything closely. But when it’s time to scale, you have to find a way to delegate appropriately. Not leaving the scene but learning to trust and build your people up. Giving them the right tools to execute without you and helping them realize their potential, too. Don’t micromanage. Having a dashboard to follow your KPIs is immensely helpful for this. Dash IQ can help you with this

2. Embrace challenges as growth experiences

The easiest way to do this is to simply ask yourself in the face of difficulty (or as a matter of fact in the face of success too): “What might be the opportunity here?” This will help you approach a given situation from a more open, optimistic perspective and offer you different angles of how to solve the problem.

I often encourage entrepreneurs to ask themselves this simple question: “What’s the worst that can happen?” Often, we subconsciously exaggerate the gravity or risk of a challenge just because it’s new or unfamiliar. When you really think through what might occur, you often discover that the worst plausible outcome is in fact not that bad.

3. See the bigger picture by breaking it up into tactical steps

It is time to build necessary systems and most importantly to work on your strategy. As much as the creative side and the experimental phases are fun, scaling needs more structure. Instead of immediate gains, seek ways to implement tactical steps to follow a long-term strategy. Setting this in place will allow you to free up more time so you can get involved in solving the harder problems.

4. Take ownership

Take ownership of your attitude and leave your ego behind. Having a growth mindset is about being open to admit you can and will fail. Failing is a part of the learning process and the more you get used to sitting with these experiences and growing from them, the more your identity will develop.

Adopt a perspective of being in a constant state of becoming and evolving. Everything that happens serves as a test to teach you what works and what doesn’t. You must be versatile and embrace change as inevitable and beneficial. You don’t have to be the best in everything, but curiosity and being open to learning new things constantly will help you connect the dots and see the big picture. It is important to understand how things fit together, so you see the opportunities for connections inside and outside of your company.

5. Celebrate the success of others

Noticing and validating the success of other people and validating partnerships and collaborations will shift your mindset to a more positive and abundant perspective. There is enough pie to go around for everyone. Once you understand this and practice it, you can enhance your collaborative relationship with your team while also maintaining space to pursue your own individual goals.

At the end of the day, you need to think big to achieve big results. Scalability has to do a lot with your mindset and building from that place makes a difference.

Become a Successful Scaleur

I hope this blog will prove to be helpful in your endeavor. After all, Scaling is a strategy that can only be mastered by a scaleur who is an ardent learner and considers real-time business priorities.

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Marketing Scaleurs

Marketing Scaleurs

Are You a Marketing Sca-leur? s•ca•leur / skä-ler: an entrepreneur who also has the perspicacity, confidence, and dedication to scale their marketing business