“LinkedIn is not the only channel for social media marketing for small businesses.”

Most companies dealing with other businesses assume that LinkedIn is the only channel to gauge more traffic and clients for your business. And that’s a flaw! Let us help you understand why.

What does social media marketing for small businesses look like?

We all know, digital marketing is an inevitable aspect of brand building and sales of your products and services. And even though LinkedIn is the leading channel for B2B companies, your marketing strategy is incomplete without other mediums onboard. Your end consumers and direct clients are more than on one platform. …

Are you a copywriter? Or looking for content writing services? Then this article is for you.

We strain every nerve in our brain to get that “Eureka!” moment whenever we begin writing a piece. The first few lines are always dreadful. You would type-erase-type-type-erase-type several times until it forms a para. However, the road is longer than it seems.

You want your copies to turn out attractive, sensible, and relevant to the target audience. Going deep down to the third level of your mind and pulling out creative punchlines, headings, and most importantly content requires extra effort.

Worry less, folks…

SEO- Search Engine Optimization is a fundamental part of digital marketing strategy that focuses on your website’s search results on search engines like Google. Search is the central source of digital traffic for brands and additions to other marketing channels. The better visibility your pages have in search results, you are more likely to garner attention and entice prospective and existing customers to your business.

In a nutshell, SEO is the basis of a holistic marketing ecosystem. …

Falling into a habit is much easier and comfortable for all of us. This is true when it comes to our buying patterns. Even as businesses, we ought to make choices from our biased minds. And when it is about marketing your digital marketing services, customer loyalty programs have proven to be the best to gauge such habitual patterns.

To see some outcomes in your business as well, try out the following ideas first-hand:

1. Reward Your Clients With Points

There are hundreds of digital marketing agencies around the world. From big firms to startups, they are selling similar services to a vast audience. …

Today, businesses, whether large enterprises or sole proprietorship, need digital marketing solutions from the very beginning to their performance pinnacle. The business owners who were slow to adapt to the digital transformation were forced to make a quick shift to survive the fast-evolving marketplace.

So, if you’re a ‘new-trepreneur’ or an experienced founder of a company, here are the reasons your business need a digital marketing platform to market your products and services in 2021:

1. Launch

Starting a new business or launching a new product into the market stream requires more than just existence. …

71% of customers who search for local businesses on search engines end up visiting them within 1 day” So, are you visible to your prospects or do you need digital marketing services?

What is Local SEO?

Like the Yellow Pages, search engines are built to provide optimized information to the audience as and when they search for it. Internet users are more likely to buy online and then collect in-store. The searches for “where to find” and “near me” increased 200% from 2017 to 2019. This all boils down to the increasing pattern of users searching local businesses online before making a decision. So…

Let’s talk about our dear friend, Joanna.

Joanna had been delivering turbo performances & winning praises from every corner. However, one setback broke her into pieces. She couldn’t understand what went wrong this time. She’s a Senior Sales Executive who can borrow your attention just as she speaks.

Rejection didn’t fall easy on her. She questioned her skills, abilities, and experience. Her confidence dropped by several steps. What she needed was introspection.

That’s when her experimental side worked. She created a pitch that sold a story to the client. Her idea was simple. She wanted the client to imagine himself…

Search Engine Optimization is like a chain reaction that can serve you not just today but many years if you get it right. Search marketing agencies are trying to keep up with the algorithms and update their strategies accordingly because they can potentially harm or benefit your business. This is why we suggest that companies who are certain of hiring a digital marketing team should let the experts handle SEO for their company on a long-term basis.

Talking about handling SEO, one of the most interesting works the experts do is creating worthy Backlinks. It is a risky business, we…

Marketers, in 2021, know the power lies in LinkedIn marketing when it comes to B2B companies. Content marketers are creating content strategically that brings 50% of all the social channel traffic to your websites and blogs. 80% of business leads enter the company’s sales funnel via LinkedIn as compared to other platforms.

After these impressive facts that may want you to log into your LinkedIn account, we suggest you give us 5 more minutes and tell you about how you can get your first 1000 followers using LinkedIn Marketing tips that are used by top marketing agencies around the world.

1. Content That Attracts Attention

It’s a “show more than say” business when it comes to social media marketing services. With attention span dipping down to 8 seconds as per Microsoft’s study, strategic decision-making has become even more crucial.

Is your business leveraging the benefits of an engaged audience? For any business, big or small, having an online presence is not enough. What’s even more important is the engagement rate. One can achieve a high rate of engagement with an invested audience that understands your message clearly and with emotions involved. Here, the images, videos, graphics, and animation play the role.

But, why is it…

Marketing Scaleurs

Are You a Marketing Sca-leur? s•ca•leur / skä-ler: an entrepreneur who also has the perspicacity, confidence, and dedication to scale their marketing business

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