8 Digital Marketing Myths: Debunk ’em All!

#Myth01: Starters’ Pack for a Start-up: An Enthusiastic Friend, A Coffee Shop, And A Website

#Myth02: SEO is FINALLY Dead

#Myth03: Once Upon a Time, I SEO-ed.

#Myth04: Social for People Not for Businesses

  • Define your audience
  • Set your goal
  • Find where your audience is

#Myth05: Oh no! It’s bad that they cribbed about me.

#Myth06: Perfect to the T when it’s about Creativity

#Myth07: SEM for Branding? What?

#Myth08: Retargeting is so wannabe

We Gotcha Ya’!



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Marketing Scaleurs

Marketing Scaleurs

Are You a Marketing Sca-leur? s•ca•leur / skä-ler: an entrepreneur who also has the perspicacity, confidence, and dedication to scale their marketing business