5+1 Resolutions Our Digital Marketers are Ready to Make in 2022

1. Invest Time and Efforts on Video Marketing

  1. Shoppable Videos
  2. 360 Degree Videos
  3. Explainer Videos
  4. Entertaining Viral Videos
  5. Product Demos
  6. Vox Pop Interviews
  7. Software Tutorials

2. Improve Engagement Statistics using New Tools & Techniques

  • Utilize the immense of social media listening tools to manage your online reputation
  • Strategize games, contests, and giveaways
  • Brands do the talking ( Do see how McDonald’s and Burger King pull each other’s buns)
  • Get the right amount of personal with your audience- talk about favorite books, hobbies, vacation destinations, etc.
  • Create Facebook Groups which allow users to interact better by posting questions, queries, and more by themselves
  • Gain followers more than likes
  • Our favorite trick — 2 Attention Seeking words at first; ‘Contest Alert!’, ‘Big Bonanza!’, ‘HOTTEST SALE!’ and so on
  • Improve your engagement number by- umm… — simply, Engaging. Reply to comments whenever, wherever necessary.

3. Phew! Staying Organized.

  • The Cloud Storage era has begun. You are late to arrive if you’re still not using the concept. By cutting off the chaos and presenting the required docs anywhere, anytime, cloud storage is here to stay.
  • Process automation may sound too technical but imagine if your trivial tasks can be taken care of by machines? AI has proven its roots when it comes to social listening tools, content management systems, and other digital marketing tools. Look out for Hubspot, Marketo, AdRoll, Oracle Eloqua, BuzzPortal, and more.
  • Realistic Timelines are REAL! We all want to frisk-n-whisk our magic wand to make clients happy. However, question yourself- In quest of completing the task in a jiffy, have you been over-ambitious with timelines? This leads to unrest, stress, and disappointment later. What to do? Ask your teammates before setting a deadline. Add a day or two to be on the safer side. Learn how to prioritize tasks. Also, keep improvising!

4. Come out of our Social Media Marketing Comfort Zone

  • Plan holistic campaigns for brands that resonate in online as well as offline activities.
  • Getting inspired by Lipton Green Tea Fit Cart, our creative team will actively look for opportunities to create health-first campaigns for our brands to encourage the audience for a healthier lifestyle. When we care for them, they care for us.
  • Create ‘Moments’. Want to run a campaign? Want to show off your cool tweets of the year? Want to compile the best days on Twitter? Create Moments. They’re impactful, engaging, and a way to reuse the best of your content.
  • Run online polls and analyze the results to generate data-driven strategies.
  • Along with our brands, we’re intrigued to find new ways to bring out ideas from the audience. Some awe-struck-some examples of user-generated campaigns:
  • Starbucks’s design your cup challenge
  • Cadbury’s make your chocolate at Madbury
  • Heineken’s share your idea for biodegradable beer packaging to win $10,000

5. Amp up our Storytelling

  • Our Story Artist, Misty says, “When I’m designing for a brand, I visualize a few colors that define that brand the best. You can always get the clue from their logos, website, or their brand values. Based on that, I love to create a theme that continues throughout their social media platform. You know, I am obsessed to make Instagram pages as portfolios. This leads to consistency which is the basis of good storytelling.”
  • Our Story Weaver, Jolien says, “Getting A to Z understanding is of utmost importance for me. I want to enter the shoes of the brand’s owner, think like its employee, and draw a storyline based on what I would expect from this brand as a customer. Research is the story-making element for me.”
  • Our Storywriter, Richa says, “To write a story, you need illustrations. To illustrate, you need imagination. To imagine, you need to dig into the deepest level of your creative mind. I try to sketch a blueprint first. This leads to mining facts and infusing creativity. Once, I’m ready with the data, I sip a cup of coffee and scribble down the plot. Next thing I know- my story is up for everyone’s delight.”

The +1 Resolution: Own the 3Hs- Healthy, Happy, and Harmony

It’s #2x2022…



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