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Congratulations on taking the first step toward growing your marketing business into a sustainable enterprise. In this ebook you will determine some of the most common pitfalls made by young companies in the early days so you can do your best to avoid them. We all know ‘learning from our mistakes’ is part of the drill when it comes to startup growth. But who wants to make mistakes? Wouldn’t it be great if you could minimize some of the pain that comes with turning your passion into a profitable enterprise?

WHO WE ARE — Marketing Scaleurs is your guide to decisions that you need to take and consider before scaling your business or to tell you if you aren’t following the golden rules of business the reason for which you are lagging behind. There are multiple examples where startups and existing businesses have failed to ascend the throne or fallen from the throne due to lack of a trail that would lead them to the right scaling path.

The Four Ss of Scaling

To truly scale, you must upsize your strategic practices, implement new marketing strategies, find new ways to build your team, and expand your mindset to break through whatever is keeping you stuck at the same level. Then you must be willing to take the leap into the giant unknown — to make your impossible possible.

STRATEGY: Strategy. Set the firm foundations and know who your target is and how to go after them, you need to identify the exact steps to follow every time in order to acquire customers.

  1. Customer First

Dive in and try to understand who your customer is (and is not). You have to get away from your desk, and talk to your prospects and customers to find out:

— Who are they?

— Why are they buying your product? Or not buying it?

— How much is your product worth to them?

— How much is your product saving them?

2. Think like a ‘scaleur

As an entrepreneur you are on the mission to create predictable growth. Talk to smart / likeminded people and be the one who has a growth scaleur mindset.

3. Every company needs a clear set of values.

This will impact not only sales, but attracting the right people, recuing stress, decision making, creating a culture, being nimble and flexible. Put them on your website. Make sure your employees know them, and make sure you live them and monitor to make sure they’re being followed. Know what you stand for before you try to scale.

4. Make your marketing playbook or roadmap.

An essential script that you will follow to win new business/ leads. It’s never too early to start constructing your playbook.

SYSTEMS — Once you have the stages and steps defined, you can build a system around it to facilitate, monitor and optimize your process.

5. Find out what marketing automation tools work. Talk to people around you. Go to networking functions and never eat lunch alone to find like-minded scaleurs; pick their brains about what processes work.

6. Use mass emailing. Short and sweet email templates work for a top-down based approach. It helps you find the right person, which is crucial part of the process. Don’t ask for the sale, ask for the person — can you direct me to the person on your team responsible for…? Be human, not sales-y

7. Optimize the ‘free trial’ of your product. A free trial is a great way to let your product sell itself and lower your sales costs. If you’re going to do this, think of the steps that a customer takes to get to the ‘wow’ moment as a funnel.

SCALEUR MINDSET — If you have the right foundation, system, processes and roadmap established, it makes it easier to hire the right people who can execute for you.

8. Scaleurs , A core group of fun, creative, hardworking, and intelligent people / scaleurs is your number one priority. If you get this part right, everything else gets a lot easier.

9. Hire the right kind of scaleurs in terms of personality types and culture fit. That means coachability, adaptability, curiosity and a strong work ethic, having that scaleur growth mindset.

10. Make sure you hire scaleurs / people who like to get their hands dirty. It’s all about the hustle.

11. When hiring, the best predictor of future success is past performance. Your hiring process starts by clearly describing what skills are critical to succeeding. Important questions to ask:

— Describe how you rank your leads?

— How did you build a pipeline?

— Describe your email strategy?

— How do you use social media to connect with your prospects?

— What KPIs did you use to manage your activity?

SUCCESS PANEL — Once you have everything in place. You need to ensure consistent results by looking at the numbers and determining what’s working. Review every step of the marketing funnel to determine where the holes are.

12. Analyze your marketing funnel with three metrics: — Flow: break your marketing funnel down into it primary units. Monitor how many people are moving through each step in the funnel — Conversion: measure things like free trials, conversion rate, deal closed in a time series graph. Ask how you can improve each step. — Profitability, or customer acquisition cost (CAC). What is your cost of aquiring a customer?

13. Don’t go crazy trying to track everything. Figure out your best metrics by observing what led your best customer to purchase. A sales demo? An email? A free download? A visit to your website? Focus on the right metrics.

14. Analyze the product market fit. It’s a waste of money to have people selling a bad product. Fix your product problems first.

15. Your metrics will likely change over time. What indicates success at one time may mean something entirely different at another. Be committed to being responsive as you get new information.

Become a Successful Scaleur

I hope this blog will prove to be helpful in your endeavor. After all, Scaling is a strategy that can only be mastered by a scaleur who is an ardent learner and considers real-time business priorities.

Marketing Scaleurs is a scaling company helping entrepreneurs scale their marketing efforts. To accomplish this we help businesses strive and succeed with growth marketing, product development and more. How do we do it? We create custom growth plans to startups, entrepreneurs and scaleurs in order to help them gain traffic, generate leads and increase their revenue. If you want traffic, leads and sales, send an email to Marketing Scaleurs today, and you will start getting results in no time!



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